IMVU Texture Compressions

DarkAngel5 proudly presents you IMVU's first texture compressor online.

We are here to provide you with our strongest tool ever.
Image compression without quality loss.

When the size of your textures matter, you often have to give up on there quality.
But with our image compressor you don’t have to make this compromise!
You can resize your textures and images without changing their optimal appearance.
There is no need to setup any additional software on your computer to make our compressor do its job.
You simply browse and upload the textures you want to shrink.

The file formats supported by our compressor include 'JPEG, JPG, JPE and PNG'.

With our compression support for virtually every device, you are able to do the job.
No matter where you are.

Our compression will compress and resize your texture files by 50% without loosing quality.
The texture sizes supported are '1024, 512, 256, 128 and 64 pixels' width or height in any combination.
Any other picture size will be resized to 25% of its original content.

Your images will be archived in a ZIP file and will be up for download.
This download will be available for up to 10 minutes after your file compression is completed.
After that period of time our server will automaticly delete the compressed file.
There is no permanent storage of any files uploaded to our compression system.
This to prevent server overload.


File list: